Our Mission

Our mission is to envision and implement innovative solutions that strengthen the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We leverage our extensive network of global institutions, developers, and industry specialists to provide solutions that support existing blockchains. Our solutions connect blockchain companies to traditional sectors, such as government organizations, traditional financial companies, the health industry, and other blockchains. We deliver cutting-edge, blockchain-agnostic technology to provide unified solutions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger, Ripple, Solana, Polkadot, Block App and many others.

Our Services

Custom Solutions

We use our expertise and consultative approach to design custom solutions or modify an existing solution to meet your unique needs.

Agile Development

Early delivery and iterative improvement through adaptive planning and cross-functional collaborative teams.

IT Architectural Design

We work with your IT team to design one-of-a-kind solutions meeting the needs of global organizations.


Client teams have access to engineers, developers, and project managers during the entire lifecycle of their project.

Our projects


Solar Bridge was designed and implemented to solve the complexities of mass storage needed to sustain Solana's growing ledger size in a decentralized and permanent way. Solar Bridge batches transaction data from Solana and stores them in Arweave blocks.

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